The point of this website


The mission of this website is to transport readers to a world of elegance and passion through Kanchan Bhattacharya’s writings. To to create a space where lovers of Victorian romances can indulge in the beauty of timeless love and passion and longing and yearning and explore the depth of their emotions. With a touch of sensuality and a sprinkle of literary finesse, the aim is to leave the readers enchanted and craving for more.


A career Army Officer (1970-2000), he saw action in the liberation of Bangladesh. He has taught electronics as honorary faculty in a university, and in an engineering college.



He has created a book of cartoons for the Army in 1990. and published four books of poetry- Opus (2013), Arrival (2013), Enchantment (2015) and The Roots of Love (2015) to his credit.  His work includes sonnets, haiku, Haibun, blank verse, short stories, and essays.



Happy Readers

Captivating readers with an enchanting blend of eloquent literature and alluring sensuality, leaving them yearning for more.

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