There is just one of me

And so many others

You, her, and she…

When we meet, please let me know

Is that you with me?

When I think of you, I think of her

Sitting so close, I can see,

I ask her,

Would she love, won’t she!

So it is – of you, there are three

You are a trinity,

You, her, and she,

I kiss you when I miss her

She just squirms and says it feels good,

I can feel you throbbing

And she is in the mood!

I wonder whatever happens,

I give a rose

To her it is the only gift

She smiles happily,

I can see her blushing

And you will ask for more!

There is just one of me

Three dreams lie within

And you are a trinity

You, her, and she…


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